Our Mission

Our goal is to provide education to families based on their needs and interest in areas of women’s and infant’s health. Our role in the community is to continue to be an advocate and educator for families regarding health issues throughout the child-bearing period.

Our group of Registered Nurses and Registered Dieticians provide comprehensive childbirth preparation. We maintain membership in various professional organizations and are certified Childbirth Educators and or Certified Lactation Counselors.

Our classes are designed to meet your individual educational need. We maintain class sizes between 5-8 couples which provide you with intimate and personal class settings. While there are a number of childbirth classes available, CEA classes are comprehensive, in-depth and focused on preparation, with plenty of time for questions!

The Unmedicated Childbirth Class was very helpful to ease my fears and feel more comfortable about the process of labor and delivery. It helped me understand that my body knows what to do and what I should expect. I found that it helped my husband feel much more comfortable with what was going to happen and how he could help me...It is nice to have been educated on different fetal monitoring, alternative pain management, pushing, use of labor enhancing drugs etc. The more educated we are, the better decisions we can make.
— Erin Schinasi

Who We are & what we stand for

Find out about our organization, mission, methods and the results of decades of teaching.

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Topics include: comfort techniques for labor, the role of the labor partner, exercises during pregnancy, hospital procedures, nutrition, breastfeeding, and special situations, including Cesarean birth.

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